Hello beautiful Soul, my name is Valerie. Mom of five, yes five, awesome beings. A creative being, writer, life partner, and a forever evolving and expanding human being.

This is my journey as I allow the divine truth in me to unfold.
A journey to self love, self-acceptance and healing. A journey back home to my authentic self; the fearless, courageous, wild, magical, divine being that I was created to be.

In this sacred space, I share stories of becoming, unlearning, unfolding, flowing, and learning to trust myself. The joys, the tears, the moments of temporary madness and the insights and lessons that I gain along the way.

Come Beloved, let me show you that you are not alone.
Let me show you how divinely powerful, and magnificent you truly are. I will show you glimpses of the light within you,and dear you do not have to be perfect to shine it.
You only need to be yourself.

Thus, I invite you to be your authentic self, with me.
Let us, together, revel in the beauty of who we are. Who we were created to be. Be in harmony with ourselves; the divine and the wild ones within us.

Come along as I learn, evolve and unfold into the unique expression of the Universe that I was created to be.

As you are. No baggage needed. All you need is for your heart to remain open.

Love and light,

Letting your Phenomenal Shine always